We are asking farmers and ranchers to consider participating in a unique ministry: STEER, INC. Giving through this ministry is much more than a tax advantage because STEER actually makes the cash investments. This allows EFM ministries, missionaries, and mission fields to receive the profits from STEER's initial investment.

EFM is a member of STEER, INC which means that STEER desires to give EFM lots of money through the willing involvement of our agricultural community. That's why EFM is looking for farmers and ranchers who will take advantage of STEER's generosity to either start giving to EFM or increase their giving to EFM. And here's the best part: farmers and ranchers can give to EFM without additional money being taken out of their pockets!

To learn more about giving options, CLICK HERE and you will be taken to their website. The options include STEER's cow/calf program, feeder project, dairy cows, God's acres, and other projects. 

Here's how the program works:

Step 1.  Donors you don't know invest with STEER, so you can actually skip this step because STEER has so much money that they currently won't accept your donations!

Step 2.  STEER uses funds they already have to purchase livestock (e.g., a cow) or a crop.

Step 3.  You (the rancher or farmer) feed and care for the livestock on behalf of EFM. In other words, the cow is owned by STEER but she is added to your herd. STEER will either buy one of your cows or bring you a cow. STEER also covers any vet or replacement costs for the cow because STEER is self-insured, so this cow can provide "forever" donations to EFM as long as you continue to participate in the program. Whether it is a good year or a bad year, you can give generously to missions without risking personal cash.

Step 4.  You sell the livestock (i.e., the cow's calf goes to market) and send the money to STEER.

Step 5.  STEER sends 90 percent of the gain to EFM, which allows them to keep five percent for their self-insured fund and another five percent for their administrative costs.

Step 6.  EFM applies the money to EFM's General Ministries Fund or to any specific EFM missionary or mission field you choose.

Step 7.  Missionaries reach people with the gospel.

Step 8.  Heaven rejoices when people come to faith in Christ. 

If you join this program, please let us know. If you want more information about STEER, please contact EFM at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 3 03 421 8100

Thank you for supporting the ministries of EFM!
Dan Cammack and Matt Macy