Ask him to send more workers into his fields.

The harvest is great…
There are 6,932 unreached people groups today.
That’s 42% of all people groups.
That’s 2.9 billion people.*
Spiritual Darkness. Suffering. Slavery. Poverty. Hunger.
…but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord of the harvest.

Where will Evangelical Friends start new mission fields?



PRAY for the LUKE 10 Project
Pray to the Lord of the harvest about where evangelical
Friends should start new fields.


JOIN the LUKE 10 Think Tank
Join a grassroots, worldwide, group-discernment conversation about where to start new mission fields. Talk to people at your church and talk to EFM.


GO on LUKE 10 Trips
    •    Gather a small team. Include future missionaries, church leaders, people with missions experience, and potential partners from the Global South.
    •    Study Luke chapter 10.
    •    Set the dates (possibly before you know where to go).
    •    Discern as a team where to go.
    •    Go LUKE 10 style. Plant the seeds of redemption. Initiate relationships that may begin a disciple-making movement!

 *Stats from joshuaproject.net