Project List

Updated November 10, 2017

Vehicles for EFM Missionaries

We are currently raising funds to purchase four used (but good) vehicles for four of our missionaries: Badgley, Linville, Retnaraj, and Sarkar. Please remember this special high-cost need as you prayerfully consider the EFM project list. Thanks for your help with these projects!

Nepal: B. and D. A.

  • Micro-business grants for pastors in the form of goats ($40) or pigs ($50)
    • The pastors in the group of 40+ churches that B. and D. work with are going through an aggressive phase of building self-sustainability, looking to the near future when they will not receive any support from the outside.  These micro-business ‘grants’ of animals is a boost for the pastors as they and their families create ways to be self-funded in their ministry work. 
  • Motorcycle, $3,000
    • There are a couple of pastors who would really be benefited with a motorcycle, because they are overseers of an area of pastors.  In order to get around to encourage and network pastors in a larger geographical area, these motorcycles are like ‘setting them free’ from the much slower limiting mode of transportation usually available by foot, by bicycle or by public-transportation schedules. 

Nepal: Samson and Priscilla Retnaraj

  • Replacement mission vehicle
  • Toilets and Water Filters, $4,000
    • Toilet and Water Filter projects are part of launching new work in the Far West of Nepal.  Recipients are required to meet criteria to participate in these projects, which will help develop sanitary and healthy households as well as help towards self-sustaining livelihoods. 

EFC-Nepal (where John and Sangi Vanlal retired from)

  • Pastor’s Family Retreat, $3,000
    • The pastors of EFC-Nepal not only face the long hours of ministry work and demands from their congregations, but also as EFM is working with them to become completely self-funded, many pastor’s households are very tight financially and are not able to get away for rest.  This would be a gift to those pastors and their families to take a break for physical, emotional and spiritual renewal!

Aguascalientes: Edwin and Maria Giron

  • Ministry training – $3,200
    • The Bible Institute of Mexico Yearly Meeting has been a key method for equipping and sending workers into the harvest fields. Donations are used for scholarships or materials where needed most. 

Asia: M. and K. L.

  • Mission vehicle
    • Bicycles had been working well, but as this family grows and their ministry duties expand, it is time to purchase a vehicle. 

Ecuador: Russell and Sarah Badgley

  • Mission vehicle
    • The Badgley family will be setting up their household and purchasing a vehicle when they return to Ecuador.

Sinaloa: Jaime and Lupita Leon, Anthony and Micaiah Hughes family

  • Jaime and Lupita Leon Support, $3,000
    • The Hughes family has raised their support for their one year field experience.  Meanwhile, Jaime and Lupita Leon, of Aguascalientes, sent by Mexico Yearly Meeting, (they moved to Siete Ejidos in Sinaloa in September) have raised roughly 2/3 of their support among the sending churches and individuals of Mexico Yearly Meeting (their full ‘personal package’).  EFM has agreed to help cover the other 1/3 of their support (their ‘field budget’) as donors in the U.S. give towards Leon support through EFM.

Bangladesh: A. and M. A.

  • Village Church Planters support in the form of church-owned and
  • operated micro-businesses
  • Construction of Two Retail Shops - $2,373.
  • Construction of Boundary Wall - $12,025
    • The yearly meeting in Bangladesh has purchased land right along a high-traffic foot path.  They have planted seasonal gardens and crops on this land so far, but they plan to also plant mahogany trees in a section at the back of the property for long term large investment/return, and also build two or three retail stalls at the front of the property to lease out for monthly quick-return income.  This would enable the land to provide all three type of income: monthly, seasonal and long-term returns.  This combination of micro-businesses and this strategy has been developed in conversation with the EFM board and is solely purposed for sustainable funding of church planter support in lieu of EFM sending funds to support local church planter stipends.      

Ireland: Kathi Perry

  • Godly Play curriculum – all winter lessons $1,355 ($1,000 raised or committed so far)
  • Godly Play curriculum – all spring lessons $1,640
    • Kathi enjoys a wonderful relational ministry with groups of “mums” and their children, and she has begun using Godly Play with the weekly groups she works with. The Godly Play approach helps them to explore their faith through story. If you want to help with this ministry but can’t purchase an entire season of curriculum, please contact EFM to learn about certain “core stories” within the seasonal curriculum that you could help with.

West Bengal, India: DK and Choity Sarkar

  • Replacement mission vehicle
  • Uttarakhand Friends Bible Training Institute – $4,000 for 12 four-day training sessions.
    • The Northern India State of Uttarakhand, which is a great distance from West Bengal, has an EFC work that EFC churches in West Bengal wish to engage in leadership development if travel assistance is available. There are eleven church leaders and four evangelists who are working in Uttarakhand, and they are asking EFM to provide donor funds for travel to Uttarakhand. The training will last four days, and it will take place every month. Local hosts in this young mission will provide study materials, training center rental, meals and hospitality.

EFM Office Equipment:

we need several donations of $500, $2,000, or more.

  • New database software, New website and more!
    • EFM has recently purchased a new data base and we are currently building a new website with focus on integrating all missionary news there as well as a more user-friendly and missionary-needs-and-projects-friendly giving section.  These office systems are vital as they affect EFM’s day-to-day ability to serve our missionaries and constituency well. Some of these items had been tabled because we always keep our missionary budget needs as a top priority, but we are over-due for these changes! Any donations for EFM office equipment are appreciated!

Bhutan: Rupak and Pramila Tamang

  • Water filters – $648 or $9.25 each to reach the goal of 70 filters
  • 2018 Calendars for 500 households at $.75 each – $384
    • (note to Friends Women…we have about $200 for this project and are hoping to get this funded or committed and passed on to Bhutan right away, even this month, so they can print and distribute these calendars…it is an interesting but special way that this culture creates unity in the church and so is a pretty neat gift…if you happen to know church/s or individuals/s who might be interested in adopting/funding/completing this project even yet this year?)
    • You have to see it to understand it, but this culture places high value on what they hang on the wall. These calendars will be a special custom EFC piece that will be a nice gift for creating a sense of unity among the churches. It will also provide encouragement and the witness of monthly messages in this Buddhist country.

Philippines: Roy and Jinky Twaddell

  • Remodeling work in Parsonage and Dorm - $4,082.
    • We don’t have any other particular details about this at this time, but we will provide more information later.  This request was submitted by Roy and Jinky.

GLLT (Great Lakes Leadership Training)

  • Rwanda Friends Theological College – $2,000
  • Kibimba, Burundi Willard Ferguson Seminary – $2,000
  • Kwibuka, Burundi Willard Ferguson Seminary – $2,000
  • Congo pastor training courses – $2,000
    • These programs are invaluable to the leadership and ministry development of countless pastors, leaders, and future leaders in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa. Please consider making a donation(s) of any amount to EFM for any of these four GLLT programs. We want to fully fund these typically underfunded programs, so please contact EFM for current details about any project on this list.

Click here to see which missionaries are currently short on ministry-support funds. We are looking for persons and churches that are willing to support our mission fields with monthly and regular giving commitments or with one-time gifts. Your gifts keep our missionaries on the field.

Luke 10 Trips

Donated funds help fuel EFM’s Luke 10 Project, particularly in partnering with Friends in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to places where the Holy Spirit guides them to unreached people. These funds will mostly help offset the costs of Nationals who are going on Luke 10 trips.

Project donations can be made online here. Please identify what project the gift is for. Thank you!

You can mail your clearly marked gifts to:
Evangelical Friends Mission, PO Box 771139, Wichita, KS 67277

If you or your group want to adopt a project, and you are committed to raising a certain amount of money for the project by a certain time, please contact the EFM office so we can keep the project list updated, which prevents double fund-raising: 303 421 8100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our commitment to you is that all donations to EFM are used as designated; however, once a ministry is fully funded, we will follow policy to use funds for the next closest ministry need.

Missionaries and mission-field leaders understand that items on the project list cannot be expected or spent until the funds for the project(s) have arrived at the EFM office.