Short-Term Missions

What is Evangelical Friends Mission looking for in a missionary?

EFM is looking for . . .

  1. A consistent Christian life and a definite “call” from God or a clear sense of leading from the Holy Spirit to become a missionary.
  2. Harmony with the teachings and beliefs of the Evangelical Friends Church. Our Statement of Faith is available; it is similar to other evangelical statements of faith.
  3. Respect for national leaders, other cultures, and people in authority. Respect is a high priority in serving across cultural boundaries.
  4. An ability to get along well with others: nationals, missionary workers, home office, supporting churches, and people in general.
  5. Willingness to learn church planting and/or leadership-development skills.

These are our major concerns, although we can always discuss other passions and goals the Holy Spirit identifies.


Application for Short-Term Missions
(Three Months-Two Years)


Application for Short-Term Missions
(One-Three Months)