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Hands on the worldEFM’s goal is to take really good care of our missionaries, but we can’t reach that goal without your support. EFM relies on your prayers and financial gifts. Put it this way: we depend on those who stay as much as we depend on those who go. Thank you for your support; it does not go unnoticed.

What are commitments?

Financial and prayer commitments are promises to support a missionary throughout their term(s) on an ongoing regular basis, not one-time or occasional gifts.  Financial commitments are for specific amounts and they are typically monthly but can be quarterly or annually, and these ongoing commitments are what make up the bulk of a missionary’s financial support.  Commitments to be on a missionary’s prayer team are also vitally important!

Why make a commitment?

Financial and prayer commitments are promises to support a missionary throughout their term(s) on an ongoing regular basis, not through one-time or occasional gifts. Financial commitments are for specific amounts that are typically given on a monthly basis; however, these commitments can also be quarterly or annually. Ongoing regular commitments provide the bulk of a missionary’s financial support, but a commitment to join a missionary’s prayer-support team is vitally important for successful ministry!

How long is a financial commitment and when do I start?

Your commitment starts when the EFM office receives your commitment to the missionary. A commitment will continue until the donor tells the missionary or the EFM office that they would like to change their commitment by increasing, decreasing, or terminating their support. EFM assumes that your commitment will continue through the missionary’s term of service on the field; missionaries return to the US for deputation about every four years. During their deputation, they report to their supporting churches, families, and individuals “back home,” which gives them an opportunity to enlist new partners or change existing commitments. National leaders who serve in their countries of origin come to the US for deputation about every six years.

Missionaries remain on salary with EFM during deputation. New missionaries begin full-time salaries with EFM once they reach 50 percent in commitments, which enables them to devote time to raising support, training, and preparation for departure to the mission field. It’s important to understand that your ongoing financial commitment not only helps missionaries reach 100 percent of their goals, but your commitment also helps them with their personal package and training costs before they depart for the mission field.

How do I make a financial commitment or donation? What are my options?

Clearly state how your donation or commitment is to be used: general gift to EFM, designated missionary, particular mission field, or special project. Please provide contact information if you want to receive missionary newsletters or prayer notes.

  • Mail: Complete a response form and mail to EFM, PO Box 525, Arvada, CO  80001.  If making donations by check, please pay to the order of “EFM.”  If not using a response form please include written designation.
  • Auto Debit: To authorize automatic debits from your checking or savings account, complete the Automatic Debit Authorization Form found at friendsmission.com/donate/missionary-support.
  • Online: Go to friendsmission.com/donate.  EFM uses PayPal for online giving, so you may donate today or set-up ongoing commitment giving with your PayPal account or with your credit card.
  • Credit Card: Call the EFM office for credit card donations or use the Credit Card Authorization Form at friendsmission.com/donate/missionary-support.
  • Phone or Email: Contact the EFM office at 888 421 8102 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or to indicate your wish to make a commitment or donation.

What are the different financial needs of the missionary?

As already stated, EFM’s goal is to provide our missionaries with really good care, but we also want every missionary to be effective in their field. In order to accomplish this, every missionary has a “personal support package,” and every mission field has “ministry funds.” These two areas of funding not only take care of our missionaries, but they also allow them to perform their objectives on the field where whole-life transformation takes place. In addition to this, the “EFM Project List” and “Christmas Catalogue” help support specific needs on the mission field.

Missionaries raise support that covers the needs of their personal support packages and ministry funds. It is EFM’s goal to partner with supporting churches and individuals in this united effort to see missionary support fully funded (100 percent) through financial commitments.

Missionary personal support packages provide salary, health benefits, retirement, housing allowance, education, and travel funds. Ministry funds provide important ministry tools for the mission field: transportation, program funds, leadership training, evangelism and church planting resources, and assistance to the poor.

May I change my commitment?

You are welcome to change your commitment at any time. You can increase your giving, decrease your giving, or terminate your giving. Just inform the EFM office of your desired changes.

Is there a minimum amount that can be committed?

You are welcome to change your commitment at any time. You can increase your giving, decrease your giving, or terminate your giving. Just inform the EFM office of your desired changes.

May I donate without making an ongoing commitment?

Yes! Your donations are always valued and appreciated. In fact, donations to missionaries during their deputation that are not part of your regular commitment help to defray other costs, including special deputation and training costs. This also applies to donations given to missionaries who are on the field, but the donation isn’t part of a regular financial commitment. These donations are applied to their ministry support or special projects as designated.

How much of my donations and commitments actually go to the missionary?

EFM’s stewardship policy states that all donations will be used as designated unless the designated ministry is fully funded. In those cases, we follow a policy to use the funds for the next closest ministry. EFM is able to apply designated gifts where they are directed because there are no administrative fees.

Are my donations used wisely?

Not only are annual audits conducted in the EFM office, but on every mission field. EFM also has an excellent board of directors who serve on various committees in the areas of finance, strategy, personnel and prayer, and development. Proposals from mission fields are considered from the perspectives of missiology, stewardship, EFM objectives, and sustainability. It is only after informed discussion and fervent prayer that mission-field proposals are approved.

What if I want to send a personal, financial gift for a birthday or other occasion to a missionary?

You can send EFM a financial gift for a missionary, but it must be clearly marked. The EFM office will inform the missionary of the gift and deposit those funds in the missionary’s account.

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